WeatherFlow Inc. Disclaimer:

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Weather Bulletins

When a National Weather Service watch or warning type that we monitor is issued within the region you are currently using, a best effort is made to bring this information to you in the timeliest manner possible. WeatherFlow currently monitors for the following types of watchs and warnings issued by the National Weather Service:
· Avalance Watch
· Avalanche Warning
· Canadian Storm Warning
· Coastal Flood Warnings, Watches or Statements
· Extreme Wind Warning
· Flash Flood Statement
· Flash Flood Warning
· Flash Flood Watch
· Flood Statement
· Flood Warning
· Hurricane Local Statement
· Lakeshore Warning or Statement
· Lakeshore Warning/Statement
· Local Storm Report
· Marine Subtropical Storm Advisory
· Severe Local Storm Watch and Area Outline
· Severe Local Storm Watch and Watch Cancellation Msg
· Severe Tstorm Warning
· Severe Weather Statement
· SPC Watch Point Information Message
· Special Marine Warning
· Tornado Warning
· Tsunami Watch/Warning
· Weather Watch Clearance Notification
· Winter Weather Warnings, Watches, Advisories