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What is Data Center Emergency Management?
WeatherFlow�s Data Center Emergency Management (DCEM) portal is the practical weather information solution for emergency management offices who operate in the coastal zone. Data Center Emergency Managment is a truly unique product that starts by providing all of the essential NWS products in formats and delivery methods truly useful to the emergency management planner. E-mail alerts, cell phone access, audio phone updates, as well as clear, timely, and targeted web-based products are just a few of the many reasons that DCEM is enjoying a rapidly growing list of satisfied customers.

Most will agree that where DCEM jumps ahead of all other weather services is that it is the only service that also maintains its own:
  • Powerful, continuously-expanding national coastal mesonet now numbering over 300 sites
  • Mesoscale model centered over the coastal zone and operating at resolutions as high one mile
  • Operational, seasoned in-house forecasting team
  • IT group excelling at taking data and transforming it into a distilled package that solves weather-related business decisions.
The bottom line is DCEM is a must have product for those who require timely access to real-time data, forecasts, and the in house expertise to back up an exclusive set of products available no where else. Weather in the coastal zone oft renders traditional observations and forecasts into a state of uselessness. DCEM is the only product that earns its keep through the exploitation of the highly varying weather unique to the coastal zone. A sampling of tools available through DCEM are shown below.
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Why Should I Use DCEM?
Improved HPAC Output
WeatherFlow's National Coastal Mesonet provides a superior set of wind data in addition to traditional National Weather Service and PORTS data. With a DCEM account, a one-click save is all it takes to have an HPAC-ready file with the latest WeatherFlow, NWS, and PORTS data at your fingertips. As seen below on, WeatherFlow's mesonet data can make a drastic difference in HPAC output:
Current Wind Snapshots
Real-time winds in your area available 24-7. WeatherFlow's Coastal Mesonet fills in the weather station gap that public domain data leaves behind. Over 300 weather stations are available across the U.S.
Weather Station Chartlet
How are the models doing? Compare real time winds versus WeatherFlow's WRAMS model data for any weather station. Panable feature allows back and forth scrolling to view past wind data and future model data.
Regional Alert Notification System
Want to know when the winds reach a critical threshold? Set up a personalized notification system that will automatically contact you via mobile, web, or email to let you know when winds climb higher than your specified speed.
7-Day Meteograms
Get station specific 7-day forecasts including wind speed, direction, temperature, cloud cover, rain, and visbility.
Regional Weather Products
One-stop shop for our latest gust product (pictured below), plus radar, satellite, wind forecasts, thunderstorm probability, air temperature, currents, and more!!!